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Folker Schamel is founder and managing director of Spinor GmbH, creator of the real-time 3D software for creating interactive virtual worlds in the areas of PC, mobile and console gaming, virtual and augmented reality, movie production, broadcasting, and simulations. This software powers various award winning productions and products, including for example several E3 awards for world-wide best video game of the year and the children's media award "Der weiße Elefant" for contributing to the quality of media services for children. Folker is credited for contributing to the specification of the OpenGL standard, the world-wide leading cross-platform 3d graphics API. He was selected as jury member for allocating government funding for ambitious collaborative multi-year high-tech projects of companies and universities. He teaches at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences has talked at various
conferences, including for example the CeBIT, Games Convention Developers Conference (GCDC), Future Internet
Assembly (FIA), and Microsoft Gamefest. He is an expert on software product design, product management and
software development methodologies, especially agile development. Folker Schamel has a Diploma in theoretical
physics with mathematics as minor.