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Valentina Tamer

Daedalic Entertainment
Narrative Designer
Valentina Tamer is a game designer, writer and artist from Hamburg-based video game developer Daedalic Entertainment. After having written additional texts for "The Night of the Rabbit", she is now assistant creative lead, as well as game designer and co-author, for the adaptation of Ken Follett's medieval world-bestseller “The Pillars of the Earth”.

Her studies at MD.H Düsseldorf resulted in several video game prototypes and a Bachelor of Science in game design. In this context, she authored and produced a radio play, which was nominated for the LfM Bürgermedienpreis 2015. The results of her final thesis have been published as an eBook under the title “Fantasies of Disempowerment: The Lure and Value of Voluntary Power Loss in Single-Player Video Games”.